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One evening my husband asked:

What would happen if there were a bunch of topless moms sitting around. Would she go from one to the next latching on?

The thought made me laugh. I think Chloe would go around latching on the nearest boob. Yesterday she was crawling around with my husband sitting on the floor near her. From the other room I heard:

Chloe I’m not Momma. I don’t have milk. What are you trying to Ow!

When I peeked around at them I saw a wet spot on Daddy’s shirt where a milk bearing breast would be :)

Her favorite thing to do while she’s exploring, is snack. Can you blame her? My favorite snack is a bottomless bowl of M&Ms. Yes.. Sitting in a very accessible spot, I can walk by and pop a few in my mouth to enjoy the chocolatey crunchiness on my way to the washing machine. Or buttery popcorn. Or candy corn! Mmm …

Chloe has a favorite snack. She too, loves it sitting in a very accessible spot so she can have a bit and continue on her way.

Be Generous

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I’ve got two projects going. Work related projects, that is. Being an #indiedev is not easy. Especially when we have no other source of income. If someone doesn’t click the buy button, forget about dinner.


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I watched a TED talk about the four taboos of parenting. It was done by a married couple that founded a parenting website. Their mission was to “tell it to us straight.” I was intrigued. Yes, tell me straight. Write an article about how much our children need us and how important it is to meet that need. Write an article saying that our children will only be young once and to be gentle and kind to them. They will grow up (you know) and we hope that when they do, we will be welcome to visit them often.