Toddler Breastfeeding

about me

Wife, Mom to three kids, Software Developer, Business Owner, Karaoke Enthusiast. Breastfeeding my kids is important to me.


I’ve gained weight. I lay down a lot. I’m not able to help with the dishes or the laundry as much anymore. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping at night. There’s long stretches of time when I’m in the room or on the couch, or even on the floor. I don’t get outside as much as I used to.

If I continue this way, my kids might follow my example. Most of my day (and sometimes the night) is spent doing it. Doing the thing that keeps me up at night, requires me to be sedentary. Others don’t believe how much time a person can devote to it. Should I stop? Am I addicted? If I said no, would you believe me?

I’m a breastfeeding mom. Two out of three kids are still breastfeeding. It takes most of my time and attention. At night I write about it. During the day, I spend many hours doing it. I ask my husband to photograph it. I think about it and talk about it when I’m not actively doing it.

When adults do the things they love, it’s called passion. When children do the things they love, it’s addiction.



I’ve been hesitant to translate my software. I don’t know anyone that can tell me my translations are good. I don’t want to end up on a top ten worst Korean translations list. I don’t want to send the message that I don’t care enough to sound better than Google Translate.

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They Need It

“Why doesn’t he go to the bathroom?!” Steve was sitting an arms length away but I could feel his frustration radiating like the blazing hot Miami sun. Many times, I’ve sat across from him and looked down from my pedestal. I’m not angry. I’m not frustrated. Why can’t you be more like me and have more patience with the kids?

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